In this information age, with so many things to do, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or to get swept up by the speed of daily life. I offer this website as a kind of rest stop, a place to pause and reflect, perhaps regain a sense of connection. Or you might pick up a nugget of information that enhances your life learning in some way. As in all of life, it is a work in progress.

My ambitious hope is that you find something useful each time you visit. If it inspires, nudges, instructs or empowers you in some way, large or small, then my dream for it will be fulfilled. It is dedicated to promoting healthy, joyful and creative living for everyone.

A Word (or two) about... Ending and Beginning

As our view is pulled to the horizon of the upcoming year, it is tempting to lose sight of what has passed, of what we have completed and/or successfully let go of. Taking a moment to review and rejoice in the realization of our dreams and intentions, large and small, enriches our experience of them.

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